ITASD 2014 international conference


The 2nd international conference on Innovative Technologies (IT) for Autism (ASD) took place in Paris on October 3 and 4, 2014 at the Pasteur Institute. This year the conference focused on how digital technologies can be used to improve the daily lives of people with autism. Experts in the field presented practical solutions for everyday challenges faced by people with autism in their environment. This international arena gathered together, the scientific community, educators, professionals, developers and families to create a forum where they could talk with each other and exchange best practice.


videos of all of the presentations



ITASD 2014 Paris was the place to discover the latest research findings in the field of digital technology and autism, as well as a place where families and professionals, shared their needs and experiences. The objective of the conference to provide practical solutions to persons with autism, families and educators in the digital field. Many opportunities encouraged participatian in “hands-on” sessions so that participants could try various digital solutions to determine which ones are best adapted to their needs.

The ITASD 2014 Paris conference was organized by the Orange Foundation, the Adapta Foundation, Autism Speaks and the Pasteur Institute.

The fees for this conference were paid for by the organizers, so that families could attend free of charge.

The ITASD app for Android is available on the PlayStore and on the Apps Store.


The 1st edition of ITASD was in Valencia in 2012. Here is the link to the contents.

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