ITASD 2014 international conference

Conference Theme

Increasingly, new technologies are part of our lives and are present in our homes and classrooms. In the field of functional diversity, technology is being used more frequently to build skills, communication and quality of life.

In relation to people with autism, a wide range of technological tools have been developed over the years with the observation that they offer a valuable aid. The appeal that computers offer and the visual information for people with autism, their predictable and sequential nature, possibility to customize applications to fit their individual needs... open a wide range of possibilities in order to work on aspects such as improved communication, social skills, task structuring, adapted leisure time, etc.

It is also true that there are many access barriers to the technology for professionals and families, as well as difficulties for developers in detecting needs (without duplication), dissemination and funding.

In this context International Conference Technologies for Autism: tools, trends and testimonies proposes an open forum with the exchange of ideas and opinions in which the parties involved (people with autism, families, professionals, researchers and developers) can discuss the technologies applied within the world of autism.

In particular, the Congress aims to promote the use of technology and overcome the existing obstacles. Therefore, it plans to investigate the use of new technologies in areas such as the following:
- Educational programs in the classroom.ilustración•Programs to promote skills (communication, generalization, etc.) that can improve the quality of life of people with autism.
- Use of the tools by family members or professionals: Testimonials and identification of the needs to cover.
- Adapted recreation.
- Programs for screening, diagnosis and early intervention.
- Research programs.
- Programs for parental and professional training and coordination between them.
- Accessibility for people with autism.
- Technological experiences in emerging countries.
- Developments and trends in this field.

And other experiences that we can discover together...

For the purposes of this Conference, we understand innovative technology as including the following: mobile phones, Virtual and augmented reality, robotics, smart phones and other portable devices such as digital tablets, person-computer technology (including natural interaction, eye tracking, etc.), Web technologies, positioning technologies, Electrophysiology technology, etc.

Those who wish to participate should send their contribution using the registration form before the indicated deadline.

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