ITASD 2014 international conference

Submission of Proposals

This Conference aims to be a forum of reference for people interested in technology and Autism, and which has a special interest in anybody who wishes to recount their experiences, they may send their applications to share with the other participants.
Due to this the Conference will devote two complete sessions to the presentation of the proposals received and selected by the Scientific Committee.
The proposals should be set in one of the following rooms:

- Room 1: The use in new technology by family members, teachers, or people with autism and their experiences.
- Room 2: Presentation of useful and innovative technological tools to improve the quality of life.
- Room 3: The future and new technological trends applied to autism: needs and obstacles to detect and overcome.

Applications which provide new elements in close cooperation with the themes of the conference will be of particular interest:

- Educational programs in the classroom.
- Programs to promote abilities (communication, generalization, etc.) aimed at improving the quality of life for people with autism.
- Use of the tools: Testimonials and identification of needs to cover.
- Adapted recreation.
- Programs for screening, diagnosis and early intervention.
- Research programmes.
- Programmes for parental and professional training, and coordination among them.
- Accessibility for people with autism.
- Technological experiences in emerging countries.
- Developments and trends in this field.

Contributions should be submitted in English, although the presentation at the Conference may also be conducted in Spanish. The receipt of contributions closes on March 10th 2012. A written summary of experience, the presentation of videos about the technology and its possible use will be valued.

Following selection by the Scientific Committee the successful candidates will be notified before April 12th, 2012. The organisation will only contact candidates selected.

The selection by the Committee will include the possibility of submitting the proposal in one of the parallel chambers with a duration to be determined and a free pass to the Congress.
Presentations may be made in English or Spanish, given that the Congress offers simultaneous translation in the both languages, people who wish to share their experiences can send in their submissions by clicking here.

Contributors Calendar

Contributions on Tools, Trends or Testimonials may be sent during the following period:

- 15th January 2012: Period of admission for candidature opens.
- 10th March 2012: Admission period closes.
- 12th April 2012: Communication of contribution acceptance by the Scientific Committee.
- 16th April 2012: Final Program Available including presentations in the parallel rooms.

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