Marilena Mademtzi - Yale Child Study Cente (USA)

Marilena is a Hilibrand Postdoctoral Associate at the Technology and Innovation Lab, Yale Child Study Center. She is interested in the application of instructional technology, such as serious games and social robots to assess and enhance socio-emotional and adaptive skills of individuals with autism. Her current work includes a home-based intervention using a robot with school-aged children with autism and their parents. She is also working on designing an new networking mobile app with a group of teenage girls with autism and their parents. Previous work focused on the development of sensory-motor skills of children with autism using a Kinect-based video game in a school environment and the implications that this held for social participation and adaptive skills. Marilena completed her undergraduate degree in Special Education at the University of Thessaly, Greece. She received her MEd with a specialization in autism from the University of Birmingham, UK and she recently completed her PhD studies at the same University.