Mark Brosnan - University of Bath (UK)

Brosnan is Professor of Psychology at the University of Bath (UK) and Director of the Centre for Applied Autism research (CAAR: Brosnan is a Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society (BPS) and a member of the Cognitive Psychology Section and the Division of Neuropsychology. Brosnan's research examines how children with autism can be involved within the design of computer-based tutors. He is part of a team (with Johnson, Benton, Grawemeyer from Computer Science) that have developed protocols for 'participatory design' that effectively support children with autism to be active design partners. This has informed a series of design principles that have guided the development of a mathematics tutor - designed by people with autism for people with autism. This process has provided unique insights into how those with autism would like computer-based learning to look and work. These have been applied to the development of an iPad app to support the effective development and delivery of social stories (with Johnson, Smith and Constantin: Brosnan is currently working with colleagues across Europe on a project to match autistic people with the most appropriate digital technology (, a project to identify best teaching practice within autism-specific education (AMUSE) and a project to identify evidence-based practice guidelines for digital technologies that support the autistic community. A free app called 'asc me I.T.' allows the autistic community to input into the earliest stages of the technology design process by sharing their ideas with researchers (with Parsons, Yuill, Good: