Ivan Riobo - Georgia Tech Ubicomp Group (USA)

Ivan Riobo, MBA, MS is an Affiliated Research Scientist at the Georgia Institute of Technology within the Ubicomp Group at the College of Computing, whose research revolves around understanding how ubiquitous technology can help individuals with autism, their families and community around them in order to develop technologies that improve their quality of life. Ivan, has published in IMFAR, UbiComp as well as other leading conferences in topics at the crossroads of autism and technology. He is also a parent of a child in the Autism Spectrum (ASD) and has been certified as a DIR Floortime therapist, among other certifications. He currently divides his time between research at Gerogia Institute of Technology and teaching Science and Robotics to autistic individuals at The Hirsch Academy, an inclusive school in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.